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Client: HomeStart

Agency: TBWA/CHIAT/Day

Production: BeeGrizzlee

Building Design: ICON Architecture

Director: Augusta Dayton

In 2021, real estate sales in the Metaverse topped

$500 million. In that same year, a million people were evicted from their homes. INVERSE Apartments by HomeStart uses the Metaverse for good by selling virtual real estate with 100% of the proceeds going directly towards helping families avoid eviction and stay in their homes in real life.

The complex, designed by ICON Architecture, features 49 units and 8 different floor plans ranging from 1 Ethereum (roughly the cost for HomeStart to prevent 1 eviction) to 5 Ethereum. There are multiple spaces in the complex for future brand experiences. It is build in Cornerstone, by ZOAN, the first hyper-real Metaverse launching in fall 2022.

INVERSE Apartments

Hype Film

For donated media, we created a :30 hype film that introduces the idea and its mission.

"Back Home" Film

To reach a broader audience, we created a film centered around an eviction. The film opens on the aftermath of the eviction and introduces the idea. As the VO progresses, the eviction begins to reverse until the mother and daughter are happily enjoying their morning. The visual device of reverse is used to show the project's mission to halt evictions and keep more families in their homes.

INVERSE Apartments

in Cornerstone

Cornerstone is the first hyper-real Metaverse, launching late 2022. This video shows the rendering of the apartment complex which NFT holders will gain access to.

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