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Client: Xbox 

Agency: Mutiny

Director: Noah Eichen

Designer: David Espinoza 

Writer: David Cappolino

Motion/3D Designer: Luke Davisson

In the past, Xbox Elite controllers were considered only for top tier gamers. With the launch of an extended portfolio and a broader range of options, Xbox wanted to change the misconception and communicate that Xbox Elite controllers are for everyone.

The "Xbox Elite Cereal" campaign is a playful parody of a cereal campaign, putting a broad range of creators on the front of the cereal box because they represent what Elite means to Xbox. The campaign included three different cereal flavors, Mallows for Xbox Design Lab, Wheat Flakes for Classic and Frosted Wheats for Core. The hero spot taps into social’s love for absurdity and humor with an over the top cereal commercial featuring an original jingle and a leaping, dancing and sax playing mascot: a controller headed super hero.


As part of the campaign, Xbox tapped gaming creators Myth, Loserfruit, and Chica to star on the front of the cereal boxes in the spot and create their own TikTok content to support the campaign.

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