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Client: Nike

Agency: AnalogFolk

Role: Art Director

In 2019, Nike brought the Studio of Dreams to ATL and we brought it to people at home.

With an audience intolerant to boring, we created decentralized content offering first sight, touch and sound of the Super Bowl. We leveraged the power of each channel and brought the best of Nike’s on-the-ground Super Bowl experience to those at home through daily sport, style or culture segments.


Announce we’re in Atlanta in a way only Nike can - from the perspective of Air Force 1s.

We outfitted two pairs of Air Force 1s, each representing a team in the game, with cameras and tasked them with pounding the pavement to capture sport, style and culture in Atlanta. They stepped through The Studio of Dreams, strolled into A Ma Manieré and previewed the SNKRs pop-up. Using inset imagery, quick cuts, and text overlays, we created a video that broke new ground by getting really close to it.


A new kind of drop making it rain from the cloud.

Tapping into sneaker culture, where luck and hustle are king, guests in the right place at the right time received an AirDrop request from “Nike’s Studio of Dreams”

Those who accepted within the hour received a unique, 1:1 experience including a custom jersey designed by one of four top Atlanta designers; and a customization session at Atlanta boutique A Ma Manieré to design a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

A drop that matched the energy and creativity of Atlanta, it was an opportunity to share some of Nike's most elite experiences with the people of the city.

Awarded The Drum’s creative work of the week.


Designed by you. Made in Atlanta.

Leveraging Instagram’s native functionality, viewers at home voted on the details of the jersey. Once the votes were in we created the jersey IRL at the Studio of Dreams and revealed it to the world.



A surreal reveal of the Studio Talk guests.

Before each talk our speakers shot a group selfie backstage. We posted a filtered and obscured version of the selfie for our audience to tap to reveal the celebrities.

We then posted the best quotes from  each speaker to both the Instagram Story and Twitter.

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