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Client: Nike Tokyo

Agency: Conscious Minds

Role: Senior Art Director

Nike Tokyo came to us with a mission: Get Japanese women (and men) to get active. Due to an an old-school stigma about exercise many Japanese women believe exercise is rigid: it’s not good enough if you aren’t perfect, and failure isn’t an option. Because of this, Japanese women rarely try new sports or workout in public.

Nike Tokyo wanted to shift this outdated mindset with Yuriyan Retriever, the antithesis of this cultural stigma, as our she-ro. She’s an enigmatic and athletic comedienne extraordinaire who’ll run a marathon as enthusiastically as she’ll dance in an American flag unitard on America’s Got Talent. She’s willing to try anything once, fail gloriously, and love every moment of it.

So, we created “You Should Try It”, a series based on Yuriyan’s life in LA. In each episode she tries a new sport, meets new people, and shows that it’s not just okay to struggle and sweat, but it’s reason to celebrate.

Beyond the long-form episodes, we made promotional snackable cut-downs to live on Nike Tokyo’s social channels, and a yoga-specific short-form episode to drive to a workout on the Nike Training Club app.

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